Why is my button text not staying on the same line and wrapping it?


I’m near expert at using webflow but I’ve actually never fully understood this seemingly fundamental issue… Sometimes button text is too long and it switches to another line. I can fix it by setting a min width, or setting the text to “pre” or “no wrap”, but I don’t think this is the correct way.

Why do my buttons sometimes do this? How do i fix it?


You can use Hard space.

  • Delete the space between words
  • Press Shift + Space

interesting. thanks! I didn’t know about that solution. Is it best just to… shift space literally everything to stop it from doing that?

I still don’t fully understand why it is randomly breaking the text, since I don’t see the reason why it is wrapping. Do you know why it’s doing that?

It is randomly breaking the text because the button is stretched to the left. Increasing the width of the element would also do the magic.