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Prevent "extra padding" in heading when line breaks

Hi everyone,
I skimmed through the forum and saw similar topics opened that were never answered. Is there a reason that when headings break, it leaves extra padding? I’d like the text to remain centered in the div block. When I break them myself it doesn’t do this, which is one solution, but not when you want to be able to use this as a symbols. Anyone know how to prevent this?

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Did you get this sorted? I just checked out your link, and it looks like that container is set to auto, so it’s only as wide as the widest element inside.

No, unfortunately I haven’t : (. I set it back to manually breaking the lines so it works for now. If you go in and retype it without creating line breaks manually, it will add the padding again. Do you know why it might do this even when it’s set to auto? I’d like to use this as a symbol, but I don’t think you can manually line break in those.

So are you just trying to make sure each word is on it’s own line without having to manually space it yourself? Not quite sure I follow, maybe attach a mockup of what you’re looking to build?

Correct. I have the wrapper set so it will do that by me just adding space between each word. However when I allow it to create the line breaks on its own, it adds padding to the right as you see in the screenshot.