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Why is it not possible to change the size of my container?


I am new to webflow and i have a problem, on my landingpage i have a section with 100vh and 100vw, inside the section is a container (container Startseite)which is set to relativ, and inside this container is a image and a logo and a heading, all set to absolut.

My probleme is that the container has the exact same hight and width of the image inside, but i want the container to allways be centered in the section and the container should be about 80% of the viewport hight and width and the image by the way is set to contain.

So my plan was to set the container to 80%vh and 80%vw, because the section(parent) is set to 100%vh and 100%vw, but i cant change the size of the container because the size settings are locked.

What is the best solution to my problem, and sry for my bad english?

ok i got it, the solution was to set the image to 80vh and vw, and not the parent section.