100% height container with content more than 100% height screen

I have a test page - https://preview.webflow.com/preview/dstemplate?preview=3536862fe2eff6e699bd2af96714cfbf
How to make the container:

  1. not less than 100% of the height of the screen, if the content is less than the height of the screen
  2. longer than the height of the screen, if the content longer than the height of the screen
  3. with the centering content of the screen height

For example, on my test page in the first section photos are not placed in the screen height, and cut off. But if I change the height of this section, the height of the other sections change from the screen height to the height of the content.

Sorry for my bad english. :blush:

If I am following, you want your sections to have a min height of 100% and a height of auto. If you want the containers to do that use the same settings but place the containers directly under the body. Make sure the body element has a height of 100%.

Thank you very mach, containers looks great now. That’s what i want.
But now i don’t know how to align by vertical div with image in this containers - https://preview.webflow.com/preview/dstemplate?preview=3536862fe2eff6e699bd2af96714cfbf

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