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(Backgroundvideo+header) inside a section=100vh, how do i archive this?


I am new to webflow i want to make a portfolio website and i have a problem with a backgroundvideo

i have a section, inside the section is a div block with a header and a second divblock with a backgroundvideo in it, i want the backgroundvideo+header=100vh.

How do i achive this?

In one case the backgroungvideo left its boundary, in another case the header is on top of the backgroundvideo, i thought with the box model every object set to auto or 100% is taking so many space as possible, relative to its parent?

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You mean this?

See video. Sorry for the music in the background :slight_smile:

Thanks for your fast reply

No, what i ment was the Header is above the background video, i am still learning, if you put a object into a container the countainer expands automaticly so that the objects inside have enough room, but in my case the container has a fixed hight (100vh) so it can not get larger, is there a way that the obects inside automaticly get sized down so that all objects fit inside and keep there dimensions.

i came up with a solution, which is not perfect, i put the header inside a div and set the div to 20% hight and the image div to 80%, but is there a way that the container is not getting bigger, but instead the objects inside size down and keep there dimensions?

and sry for my bad english

Can you upload a design off how you want it to look?