Why I can't style my CMS rich text content? Why?

Hi guys,

I uploaded my CMS content from a CSV file and all the uploaded content is NOT editable. In some tutorial videos, the CMS content is totally editable. I don’t know why it doesn’t work for me.

I really want to edit my rich text field. Now when I uploaded the content, the font weight and paragraph spacing are totally missing.

Dose anyone know why this happened? Did I do anything wrong?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi Linda to edit CMS content, you can edit it in the CMS, or you can switch the designer to Editor mode ( top bar, right side ), and edit elements that your CMS content is bound to. In that mode, the designer will automatically navigate you to the CMS to do make the changes.

If you’re using the Editor, as in yoursite.com/?edit, everything is WYSIWYG editable.

Styling rich text is a completely different question. You can style any subelement of a rich text element, but not while it’s bound to the CMS. Unbind it first.

Hi Michael,

You saved my life!!! I didn’t know there was an Editor mode. I was in the Designer mode. Same thing with the rich text field. Thank you so much!