Can't use rich text via CMS, can't use rich text on template

I am using a template to keep the same formatting and design for content, and can’t seem to effectively use rich text on these pages. Here’s the problem:

If I add a rich text block and bind it to the CMS (where my content for that topic lives), I cannot format it. I can bold certain areas from the editor, but this bolding doesn’t show up consistently on desktop and mobile (sometimes it’s bolded in mobile, never bolded in desktop).

If I add a rich text element directly to the page for that topic (and don’t use the CMS), it will show up across ALL of my topics, since it is a template and will apply to everything.

So I can’t seem to use rich text effectively anywhere. Is this right? Can I only really use rich text on unique web pages that don’t use a template and don’t use CMS? This has been frustrating.

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Hi @sharedev, you should be able to style the rich text elements sourced from the CMS item.

Have you checked out these resource docs?
Advanced styling (Rich text element)
Displaying dynamic rich text in your design

Hi @bullshark , thanks for the response. Do you know why the rich text stylings wouldn’t be respected in desktop mode, but would show up in mobile? Since the styling is done in the CMS/editor, I expect it would show up on all breakpoints.

Nested rich text elements (headings etc.) are selected within the CMS/editor, however styling of those nested elements is performed in the designer. Check the styling for the nested elements in the desktop breakpoint. You’ll need to disconnect the rich text element source to inspect the nested element style settings.

If you can provide a read-only link, I’ll take a look for you.