I cant open webs in webflow

Hi! I cannot open the webflow pages to display the codes to create the sample page. Before in the SHOWCASE section, I could open the webflow pages to see the codes. what happened?

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Hi @diegokenji, I am not sure what you mean cannot open pages within Webflow.

Can you be a bit more specific or create a video of your issue?

Are you referring to being able to open up showcase projects in Webflow to see how they are built?


The first you can only view and the second can be opened in Webflow?

I believe that is based on the user who owns the project allowing you to clone the project or not, so some you will be able to and some you won’t.

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nice reply @sam-g, Im heading out and this filled my void. :facepunch:

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Open in webflow… i cant see… thanks guy !


Did you ever figure this out?


No, I still can’t see it
It helps me to learn different points that help me to continue improving. Any chance to create tutorials in Spanish?

A few months ago if I could see the “Open in webflow” button on any page

Sorry for my english.

@diegokenji i don’t have an answer for u on the Spanish version.

However, if it doesn’t have the option to clone or open in Webflow u won’t be able to dive into how it was done directly. Although u could use dev tools in chrome and see the code tho.

Not all projects r cloneable or have the “Open in Webflow” option. That is a choice by the designer to make that available not Webflow itself! Hope that explains for u and u can understand the translation?!


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