Why does my website have a horizontal scroll bar?

Building a website that is published to http://jordans-portfolio.webflow.io/

When I visit the published site I have a horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of my browser which should not be there.

Does anyone know why this happens? @Waldo @cyberdave @thesergie

All help is much appreciated!

Do you have your preview link which we can take a look at?


Hello @TriceWD, let me help you.

Horizontal scrollbar appear on your site because div “video banner” has width 100 vw which mean 100% of browser width. Now, since your site has vertical scrolling bar it takes a little bit width and div still trying to be full browser width. For fix it, make “video banner” width = 100%.

Hope I was able to explain correct :blush:


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This has fixed my issue.

Thanks @sabanna!

The quick reply was much appreciated!

Always welcome :smiley:

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