Why can't we call Webflow or chatt with them

why can’t we call Webflow or chatt with them.
I came from another supplier, and there I could both call and chatt with them, if I had problems
But not Webflow, - why?

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You actually can, sort of.
Calling them isn’t possible, however you can send them an email at support@webflow.com if that helps. They’ll usually get back to you within 24h as I experienced.

I believe the nature of the platform means that the majority of support requests fall outside of their Customer Support Policy—specifically in regards to visuals (UI/UX/design) and scripts or custom code. Enterprise customers may have some leeway here as there is a dedicated account manager, but for normal customers the best place to ask questions is here in the community.

If you believe you’ve found a bug, you can always submit a support request in the Designer on the affected project by going to the question mark icon in the bottom right, Help & Feedback, then the “Send us feedback or a help request” link.



sorry, it have always taken several days when I have sent them an e-mail, and have also waited up to 14 days.

I came from Business Catalyst. I can always chatt with them. They are are there at once, you chatt

I have the same question sometimes its easier to show them the problem via screenshare than just keep emailing 3-4 times because they just dont get it or dont even scroll far enough down the page. Webflow support is becoming worse and worse over time

I agree. I am in contact with so many suppliers. And they answer at once.

by the way @argogiant what is screenschare

Screenshare, Like when in a videocall i can show my screen to the webflow support employee and explain what is going wrong.

We have had lots of bad experience with webflow employees who just dont realy read the questions and the answers you give.

I even made screencaptures of the problem i had and webflow support told me they didnt see what was going wrong. While i could see that they didnt look at mij screencapture so they just lie … and since then i kinda gave up on webflow support it just sucks to be honest … wish i could be more positive but they ruined that over the past few years.


How sorry I am to hear that!

You call staff liars on their own forum yet you wonder why they don’t offer a phone number, so you can verbally abuse them down the phone instead? Gee… I wonder why? :roll_eyes:

FYI, viewing screenshares from the browser doesn’t always render a view in the software. So I’d be cautious of calling out support staff as liars.

I have got help now! :heart_eyes:
And I am very very happy now!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hey Helen,

I don’t really understand why you’re attacking me on a personal level, not really nice of you. I really tried to communicate with the webflow employees. The Loom program does show when someone is watching your video, I tried this on multiple devices and with different people and showed everyone a new view. Also, based on the employee’s questions, I can say that he has never seen the content of the video, because if he had, he would not have asked those exact questions.

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The protocol is to supply the read-only link so they can see it in the environment and recreate error. Webflow platform is for more advanced designers/developers who want more customizable tools than rigid themes on other CMS platforms. You need to know the principles of HTML and CSS to wield it properly. When I post to the forum with my link I get an answer within 1-2 days. Not ideal if on a time crunch, but that’s the give and take for the flexibility.

I do think Webflow should consider tiered support packages to expedite issues if partners are in a time crunch.

I always supply the read-only link but when a webflow support member doesnt scroll far enough down a page or just dont check the described CMS ITEMS than they wont see the issues and tell me there is nothing wrong on their end. So then it’s easier to use a screenschare during a call.

**You need to know the principles of HTML and CSS to wield it properly. ** they call it a nocode tool themself they even promote it as a tool without coding on the main page of their own website

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No Code doesn’t mean you can be completely ignorant of structure and foundational concepts because the no-code tools use the terminology of coding. Webflow is a big timesaver. I tell people Webflow is not for people who have never designed or lightly coded for the web prior because it’s more advanced. That is what Wix is for.

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My guess is that they are still in the start-up phase as a company, probably nearing the end of that phase, but my point is they are growing at a rapid pace and haven’t hired/trained enough people to establish a full-time customer service team. Be patient, they’re great. I had my frustrations at first too, but they do care about your experience and their email support will prove that to you. They made me a believer! I am confident that they will get that going in the near future.

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Honestly, I’ve spent 5 days trying to get a hold of one person, and finally, when they reached out I got a large block of information. I’m spending more time toiling over something I know that can be easily resolved. I’m losing my patience. I was so close to getting things live and now I’m waiting 3 days with no help just to get one simple question answered. If I have to redo the website, I’ll just move back to Wix. If there was just a little support, I would keep it.

That’s kind of a narcissistic comment.

It’s not about the UX/UI. We just need simple answers on where to look to change something on the platform. WIth varying templates it’s hard to know what affects which part of the site and where to look is really the problem. I think the problem is Web Flow needs better product designers or they need to actually help give support.

Sorry to hear you’re running into issues at the end of your project! If you haven’t already taken a peek at it, Webflow offers loads of free help documentation/videos in the University that may be useful:

The community (here in the forums) is happy to answer most project-related questions so that’s where I’d recommend turning to if you can’t find the information within the University — the one exception being things related specifically to your Account. Since the majority of users here are customers like yourself, we won’t have the ability to access your account details the same way Customer Support can.

If you end up creating a thread for your question here in the forum just go ahead and tag me so I can take a closer look at the issue. We’re a friendly bunch around here! Just be sure to include any relevant information and your Share Link within the post and I (or someone else) would be happy to help out as much as possible :webflow_heart: