Why cant I use the membership account form to trigger a flow?

I want to take fields and custom fields in the user account form and use them to search a CMS (that has the user profile in it) and update, or create new, the profile CMS with data from the custom fields. Why cant I use the user membership account to trigger this flow and is there a work around?

Hi Simon,

You can’t search the Webflow CMS (if that’s what you’re referring too) unless you use Webflow Logic or store a copy of your CMS in something like Airtable - unfortunately.

You can, you’ll need to use a Webhook for that.

If you’re not too familiar with setting those up, here’s a walk though on using Webflow Webhooks.

At a high level, you use the Webflow API to automatically trigger a Webhook whenever a new user is added or an existing user is updated.

What triggers is a message sent somewhere (Zapier, Make / Integromat) containing membership info into that you can use to run your automation.

In your case, that would be to update or create a new CMS item.

A quick way to set all that up is to use the Webflow Webhook creator tool.

The destination url would be your Zapier or Make (Integromat) endpoint.

Create a “Webhooks by Zapier” zap or “Webhooks” module in Make and they give you a URL. Stick that URL in this field.

Then choose what event you’d like to have triggered.

Then you’ll be good to go.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks Chris! I’ll give it a try. Although it seems weird that I cant run a flow on the user account form from within logic.

I agree. Maybe it’ll get updated to be included in the future.

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Hi Chris,

I’ve added the make webhook url to the webhooks integration module in my Webflow memberships site project settings, using your great app, but I don’t see the user_account_updated choice in the make module event trigger drop down menu. It just has the same ones as it had at the start. Webhook is below…

Memberships user account updated

I might not be following you, that link you added doesn’t work, but the “updated” option is just below the “added” option:

Did you mean something else? If so add some screenshots for me :smile:

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I used the membership account updated hook. Maybe it actually works. I will try doing a form submission and see.

@Simon_Manning ah I see what you’re referring to now :smile: thanks for the screenshot.

Unfortunately no, they don’t have that in this list. It will be nice when / if they do add it though. And that list has a BUNCH more than Zapier offers :smiley:

Instead you need to tap the “show address” button, copy that address and paste it as the “destination url” into my tool.

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Thanks a lot thats great!

Hello, I’ve been trying to do something similar with the member Sign Up form, but I need it to trigger Slack to add the member to our Slack channel. Can anyone advise on how to do this?