Invite or update user with custom fields through a form

Hello! I’m trying to find a way to make my website with users work

On some different pages of my website I have forms with content that should be sent to the user custom fields
Unfortunately webflow Logic won’t allow me to update user custom fields (and I just found this after months working on my website :rage:)

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I’ve read some information on forums that it might be done with an external platform like Make.
But when I go to make I don’t see any option about creating or updating users

Does someone know if it is possible and what am I missing?
I’ve searching it in tutorials these past few days but none of them solve my problem

Ps.: in my project there are some issues that stops me to use CMS instead of user accounts, so that would not be a possible solution in this case

If a built in integration does not exist for your scenario you can explore using the API to accomplish the task. Make and many other tools can leverage the API. Look at the API documentation to see what is available and then determine if what you want is possible or whether you can change your scope or determine that the functions you need are not available on this platform. Don’t forget to check out Memberstack. It’s what most people turn to when Webflow user tools don’t meet thier requirements.

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Hi Jeff, thanks so much for the reply!

I’m not a professional developer, everything I do for my site I learn in tutorials mostly here from the forums :sweat_smile:
I already learned how to use a little tiny bit of API in webhooks with a very good tutorial from a webflow professional platform called sygnal, but I don’t think I would have a good amount of knowledge to go through API documentation by my own.
So, in summary, I was just wondering if there is a tutorial I could follow where someone have already achieved this (update user custom information from forms in different pages rather than the user page).

Anyways, thanks a lot for replying!!

Hey Luciana,

I don’t have any tutorials on that, but as Jeff said, essentially every automation platform will have the ability to make direct API calls. If you’re using Make .com, you can use the HTTP module.

Keep scaling in mind here, Webflow’s API has traffic limits, no more than 100 requests per minute, so if you’re doing those updates frequently, and have several users doing that simultaneously, the updates will fail.

Question, does this really need to be in the user data? If it’s not sensitive information, and you expect your users to be accessing your site from a single device, you could use browser storage instead.

Another option - again if the data is non-sensitive - is to store it in the CMS. That involves a bit of linking work between the CMS and your Users list, but then you have the ability to use Logic for user-specific data-saves.


Is a small website, I probably will not reach 100 requests even per day :sweat_smile: Maybe in the future when I can afford someone to handle all the web development for me :joy:

I tried CMS before, but I need my users to get to access only their own information in many pages outside their user account page. So I’m using your Sygnal Logged-In User Info to get these informations in those pages :nerd_face:

I’m starting a small business of taylored clothing and for each product sometimes there is a different body measure I need them to inform. (e.g: for a t-shirt I could use neck and waist, for a skirt I will need waist, but not neck, but then I need hips…).
Everything is working fine since I started to do it with your library, because all the body measures are stored in the user accounts, and these measures go to the forms that are in the page collection of products.
My issue is that: I auto-fill these forms around my site with the user custom information, but the user can’t edit when it is needed. So if they go to the skirt product page and have already the “waist” measure automatically filled, but don’t have “hips” - they can’t fill the “hips” field on that page because it wouldn’t save on their account.

Please see if I understood correctly:
I can update user account if I connect and use this action (I was searching something about “update user account” as it is in logic):

If you answer this is correct, I will start right now trying to find some tutorial on the forums here of someone doing similar thing to follow :blush:
(Sorry if I made to many English mistakes here, if you didn’t understand something I’m glad to try to explain again)

Oh! Almost forgot! The browser storage solution :upside_down_face:
I don’t think it would work in this case, because there are different pages where the user would fill in the measures.

Yes this looks right-
You would be using it with this endpoint-

However there is a problem, which is that you probably do not have the Webflow UserID for the user you need to update. I don’t think your plan to store data in the custom fields is going to work easily for you… every solution I can think of for you requires custom code work.

The same is true for Memberstack although they have a great range of examples and demos to help.

Yes this is fine, have a look at WebStorage specifically localStorage. It’s easy to use, but does require a small bit of custom code to read and write your values from your forms, and do things with them.


  • It’s tied to the computer usually, or maybe the Chrome account, so it often won’t be sync’d between computers or your laptop & phone.
  • It can be erased if the user clears all stored data locally
  • You can’t see it or access it as the site owner, only that user can

Ohhh that’s really bad news :cry:
It seems that I came to a dead end and can’t go on from here

If this webflow logic “update user account” worked as I thought (to custom fields) everything would be solved
But you are right, I don’t have a “user id” to provide to the API make .com solution cause it depends on the user that is logged in.
About the localStorage - I need to access the user information to sew the clothes accordingly to that measures, so this solution also wouldn’t work in this case

I’m now going to think how I can handle this situation while I’m by my own developing this website. And in the future I hope to hire a professional to write custom code and solve this properly.

Thank you soooo much for all the time you spent here helping me! I was really lost and hopeless. Now I’m just hopeless. ( :joy: :joy: just kidding :sweat_smile:)

Just wanted to chime in for anyone looking to do this who hasn’t gone too deep with Webflow Memberships yet - this can be done suuuuuper easily using Memberstack. Here’s a 1 min tutorial :slight_smile: