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Why can't i style image figures inside Rich Text-components?


I’m trying to style the appearance of image-based “Figure”-elements inside Rich Text-components, but everything I do is being overridden.

For instance, the following classes are applied to my Figure:

richtext figure.w-richtext-align-center {
margin-right: auto;
margin-left: auto;

richtext figure.w-richtext-figure-type-image, .w-richtext figure[data-rt-type=“image”] {
display: table;

In the Designer-view, I’ve set the figures to have display: block; and to have a margin-left and margin-right of 0, but this is being overridden by these classes.

What’s also weird is that I never set the contents to be centered, but .w-richtext-align-center is applied to my Figures anyway.

So my question is, why won’t Webflow apply the styles that I’ve set for my Figures?