Why can't I scroll on the read only link on my mobile?

Hi there, I created a website (my first ever), and when I share the read-only link, I can scroll on my laptop, but not on my phone.

I believe everything is set to visible - no hidden overflow settings.

I’m sure you’ll see uncommon website coding designs (as it is my first website creation), so the issue may lie within my weird layout somewhere.

The goal is to send the read only link to my client, but I especially want him to open it on the phone (so he can see the phone layout) since most people will find this website through their phone.

Any help in identifying the problem would be appreciated.

Here is the read-only link:

hi @Ryan_Morris please read forum guidelines (in sidebar) what should your request contain. In your case it is a live page link. Anyway for now it seems you have no published you website yet as it returns 404.

“what should your request contain”. I am not sure what that means, but I did read the guide lines again, and I hope I haven’t broken any rules.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re referring to when you say live page link.
Is the home page not set to live or something?

oh, sorry @Ryan_Morris I didn’t know you are not aware what is link to your live page. It looks like my-project-name.webflow.io

Forum just got a new UI and the Guideline section but is missing most important section “how to post request” only basic information about how to behave, how to post a comment but it says nothing how to post a request. It was before on top of each forum category :face_with_raised_eyebrow: so here is a summary:

When posting request please:

  • Required: Share your project’s Read-Only link and live site’s Published link
  • The read-only link is a special URL generated in the Dashboard to allow others to view your project in the Webflow Designer. How to get your project’s read-only link?
  • The published link is the webflow.io subdomain where you can view the live site with custom code running. It is IMPORTANT to share this link, as custom code (eg. javaScript) does not run in the Designer.
  • Describe issue in detail including what page, section and/or element is localized
  • Upload as many screenshots as possible or provide screencast videos to help others help you faster
  • Add a description and/or post a link to a working example of what you’re trying to achieve
  • Reply to users by tagging using the @ sign followed by their forum username like this: @forumMemberName

@Stan I didn’t see that, so thank you for sharing it.

I published it, so here is the published link. https://quest-auto-body.webflow.io/

My problem still stands, though. I cannot scroll on the mobile version when in the share read-only link. I am perplexed.

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hi @Ryan_Morris just tested on iPhone and scroll works as expected. The issue I see I can’t open mobile nav.

BTW: you do not share with client read-only but published site means link to live page in your case https://quest-auto-body.webflow.io :man_shrugging: so client can see final product.

@Stan So I always have to publish it to share it with clients…? Interesting.
Okay, I fixed the menu button as well. Thank you for your help, I do appreciate it.

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hi @Ryan_Morris Yes you have to always publish when you do any changes. This publishing will push your changes into WF server.

I will recommend visit WF University and learn how to work with this platform as it is great source to start with. If you will have time finish all courses WF offer. it is free.

@Stan Yes, I plan to go through as many as I can of the WF university courses offered. Thank you again!