Why can't I just add HTML?

I’m currently using WebFlow to go through and add GDPR compliant privacy policies to all of our sites and I’ve got to say that this is PAINFUL!

Why can’t I just add my own HTML? Yes I know that I can use the embed codes but this is limited to 10,000 characters which is WAY less than a standard policy or any document that has some weight to it.

There are often times I just want to add my own rich text elements onto a page and the built in editor is really fiddly to use, I can’t even put lists in lists!

I know Webflow is built for designers but HTML is the language of the web so I’m very disappointed that you don’t have better support for it.

I feel that there are solutions for your issues. Maybe using iframes for integrating repeated content.

As for the RT editor, I have no trouble with it, I can help you maybe… Why can’t you do lists exactly?

Happy Birthday Vincent!

When I’m paying a small fortune for WebFlow’s hosting I don’t think I should have to use external iFrame’s for content, also the content will be unique for each site, also they are terrible for SEO.

I’m currently trying to add a list within a list (similar to one of our other sites here) which WebFlow just doesn’t seem to be able to cope with.

Even if you don’t have native HTML support then Markdown support or something would be nice.

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Oh snap! Webflow outed me :smiley: Thanks!

I can help you find ways to deal with Webflow’s limitations but there’s little I can do about the limitations themselves. To me the benefits of the tool immensely surpass the limits. It’s not the case for everyone, nor for every project. I can understand that when you’re dealing with a lot of sites you kind of need ways to industrialise some processes. If you’re sitcking with Webflow, you could write some whishlist posts to begin with. https://wishlist.webflow.com/