Why are two different forms on one website going to same email thread?


Can anyone help me understand why two different forms on one website are going to the same email thread? I’ve provided an image below for more reference. As this is a client website, I’m hoping to create an email thread for Newsletter subscribers and one for Sale Horse Inquiries.

Any thoughts?

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Hi Dbisbee,

All Webflow form notifications come from the same sender, and go to the same set of email notification recipients, there isn’t much you can do there.

Other options- build your own notifications separately using automation like Make.com or Zapier.

Or use a different form submission handler like Basin, which gives you more notifications control and excellent spam detection.

If you have access to your client’s account or they are adept with Gmail, another option is to differentiate Webflow’s notifications for each form on the subject line, and then have them tagged and filtered differently in Gmail.

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I see. Thank you, @memetican. I appreciate sharing your knowledge.

Well, as far as I see it, you can try to do the following:

  1. Go to your Webflow project settings and select the ‘Forms’ tab.
  2. Check the settings for each form – there should be a section where the email address for form submissions is specified.
  3. Make sure each form has a different subject line set up. This will help email clients like Gmail distinguish between the two forms and not thread them together.
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