Why are there mysterious lines showing under my nav bar?

This seems like it should be a simple fix, but I can’t figure out why there is (now two?) underlines under my nav bar. I want the menu icon to float, so I don’t need an underline here. I went through each layer individually and made sure no strokes were applied, including with the “static menu” as well as the hero section, so I have no idea where it’s reading this information from. Can someone help explain why this is happening? Am I missing something totally obvious?

Here is my staging link, and here is my preview only backend:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I’m no expert, but It seems like it is only coming from your higher breakpoints.
Make sure you’re only doing design in the main breakpoint until you’re ready to tweak for the others.
When I overwrote the border width to 0 on the borders on the ‘container’ and ‘navigation-inner’ it seemed to go away.

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