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Nav Layer Overlapping Layers Above

Basically… My main nav bar (that is also a symbol) is always showing on top.

I’m implementing a cookies warning pop-up (that I have forced on all the time for now) but as you can see, even though my nav is underneath, it’s still showing up over the top:

Please help as I am truly stumped!

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I was able to fix this in read-only mode by setting the z-index of your nav symbol to 200 (a large number that should theoretically keep it over anything else on a page) and changing the z-index to your overlay group to 300.

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Oh wow, that was easy, thank you!

I’ve not played around with Z index before… Why would (by default) a layer underneath creep over a layer above it?

I’m not sure; it could be something related to your use of a symbol or you could have so many things on the page that it just got high enough in the “pile” to show up above the z-index of 10 or 20 that you had your overlay manually set to. I’m no expert myself but in general if I have to set a z-index manually I go in denominations of 100 to cover my bases and ensure things layer the way I expect.

Hi Macobyte,

I am trying to make my nav menu element to layer at the top of my vertical filtering but it doesn’t work. I already checked the courses on Webflow University, just tried z-index but I am stuck. I only facing the issue on the category template page on mobile version. Could you help me out, please? Many thanks

Screenshot attached
Here is my site Read-Only: