Fixed Navbar works fine on dekstop breakpoint but behaves like sticky on bigger ones

I’ve checked this for a morning now and I don’t seem to understand why my fixed menu works fine on desktop view but it behaves as sticky on larger breakpoints (1920px)

The only difference that I’ve noticed (and no clue if it has any relationship with the navbar problem) is that when hovering the navbar and then on to the element below, it seems to go over different sections depending on the breakpoint.

For example, on desktop view, when hovering on the navbar and down, it hovers directly on the ‘bg-image’ div block which contains a background image (built this way to make the image responsive); and on 1920px breakpoint it hovers directly down to ‘overlay’ (literally an overlay div block on top of the ‘bg-image’ one and set on top with z-index). No idea why, I haven’t intentionally modified anything on the larger breakpoint view. I’m adding the Navigation screenshot as well.

This is the link to the site:

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!

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