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Why are my links not black?

I’ve checked every level from the Body and drilling down to the text and every single one of them shows as styled black (or not styled, i.e. the container element is default).


Here is my public share link: LINK

Type in the color you want manually in the style menu. This will ensure it is black, or any other color you like.

Thanks for the reply but that’s both severely concerning and inconvenient/defeats the point of the menu choice. Also kinda redundant since the word ‘black’ is already there. Regardless, that changed nothing.

I believe this is caused by giving making an H3 a link, and blue is the default color for links in browsers. So if you want something other than that you need to style it. It seems to work for me, assuming we are talking about the same things.

It is also being styled by the ‘current’ class so you’ll want to be sure to give a global class the styles you want and then style from there.

Thanks for that. I’ll swap over to non-H3 text.

Any idea how to get rid of that ‘current’ class? Seems that every element in that row has it when I edit or is it some weird thing that while I am ‘currently’ editing it, it get the current class(which would be silly…)

Before, I recall there being an option to select/remove the current class but now, it doens’t seem to be able to be edited out at all.

Well, it seems that nothing I do can change ANY text which is linked, to ANY other colour than the default blue with giving it a new class.

Anyone? I find it odd that I’ve gone through each level, made sure it was black for text, then removed it all and started with just a plain text element but as soon as ‘link’ is added to it, the colour changes to blue and can NOT be changed?! Despite adding an class to do just that.

The problem seems to have stemmed that if you try to link text from within columns. Which is bizarre.

I ‘sorta’ mitigated the problem by deleting the whole section and created another one from scratch. This kinda works. By ‘kinda’ I mean I have been able to make text blank, no underlined-link but when I copy/paste the text block into another column, and then dbl-click to highlight the whole text, and change the wording, sudden only the FIRST character is linked instead of the whole word.

Apparently it doesn’t like to change links that way.

I don’t know why that old section simply refused to accept any colouring at all, and I have noted issues like this in the past where some function/feature simply would NOT work until I deleted the whole section and recreate it again. This is frustrating as we keep thinking we made a mistake somewhere where the issue was not in our methods but somewhere between the browser the webflow.

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