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Link doesn't have proper color

I’ve added a style to the body to color all the text in my document. My link is showing up blue, though, even though the Style tab seems to indicate it should be brown. Help! There’s a screenshot below, and here’s the public link: Thanks for any help!

Have you tried publishing it to see it from another tab outside from the designer? That might be the issue.

Yup. See

Hey @michaelrkn links have a different behavior than text in CSS. If you make the Body have a brown color, the links will still stay blue because they have a higher specificity. There is a reason for this - so that links would stand apart from paragraph text even though you set a color on the paragraph text.

So the only way to make a link color different is to actually give that link a class and change the color of the text.

Hope this helps!

Is there a way to change colors for all links (such as can be done for all headers and paragraphs, for example)?

Sure thing. We’ll be releasing something soon that will let you target all links on the site.

Actually, I’m having trouble even styling links one-by-one with a class. Check out this screenshot - I have a class on the link, a color style applied, and it still shows up as the default link color:

@michaelrkn, in the Typography section, notice that the color field is not blue, but orange. This means that there is no local font color defined for the top-nav-link class. If you click on the color picker and choose a different color, the Font Color field icon should turn blue and your link color should change in the designer. Let me know if that works for you.

Though it does appear like there’s a bug where Webflow shows the inherited body color (dark brown) and not the default browser link color - we’re working on a fix for that.

Got it - that bug was throwing me off. Thanks!