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I understand how to achieve this through divs with interactions. However, this site is causing an entire page to present itself once the interaction is triggered. Is this possible in webflow? To have an entire page appear off of an interaction? As opposed to clicking on a page and leaving the page you’re currently on and waiting for the new page to load? I’ve been doing this same thing with interactions and divs, but that is terrible for SEO. and my entire website would consist of one page with a million divs if I do it the way I currently do.

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Hi @Syndicate15

I am also very interested in this but it seems hard (or just impossible) to do this with Webflow atm.

If someone found a solution for this I would be very happy to know too :slight_smile:


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@PixelGeek, @thesergie, any thoughts on if it’s possible to keep pages in tact with URL strings and achieve this behavior in Webflow? I’m absolutely dying to unlock the potential of what this could do.

I’m dying to unlock that in Webflow too! That’s something we are hoping to explore after we finish Interactions 2.0 since it’s somewhat related (ie specifying the type of transition from one page to another).

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I seriously can’t wait, that will be intense. Is it worth looking into with custom code? Or can webflow not handle this at all?

You can try but I wouldn’t expect it to be easy. Currently going to another page requires a HTTP request (hence the flash of content). We’ll have to render published sites completely differently to open this up. You can fake it but it won’t be completely smooth.

Ah, ok I see. Thanks for the response, hopefully we get there!

Consider using CodyHouse as suggest by @AntonioBalderas

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