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Any interactions for page leaving?

Just wondering, can the interactions be setup so when some click to go to another page the current page slides out of view?

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I don’t think there is an option natively but you could try it two ways. If it’s a tiny site, you could use a slider and create the pages inside. Not sure that’s the best idea but it could be done.

You could also wrap your pages in a div, create an interaction on a button and target the page div.

Just ideas, haven’t tested them.

Good ideas… Ill give thise a shot. I think it would enhance the user experience.

I’d probably try the div wrap and target option first:grinning:

Ok… found a solution! Since I applied a whole page hero, just had to create the fade interaction and apply it. Worked like a charm.

ahh … new issue. I cant add a fade in and fade out at the same time. its either one or the other. Would a step add this simultaneously?

Did you try adding to the body a fadein with the Pageload trigger?

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God dang it! It was as simple as that. I DIDN’T KNOW you could apply animations to the body. Thx a million Jdesign!

No problem. Note of caution…once upon a time those page load animations created some issues on older iphones but I think you should be fine. Just test.

I use them and haven’t had anyone mention an issue in at least a year.

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Ill keep an eye out for any anomalies.

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