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Can I replicate this page transition in Webflow?

I love the way the pages transition on this website can this be replicated in Webflow?

Hey @Roxzfr,

Of course you can replicate this in Webflow, have a look at


thanks @nwdsha I’ll do just that :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome @Roxzfr :smiley:

There’s also a lot of videos covering what you need, including the nav drop down when you scroll down the page

Hi @nwdsha - I can’t see anything on how to make the actual pages transition? Sorry If I’m being thick!

Hey @Roxzfr,

Apologies for the late reply, I was on a break.

What kind of page transitions are you looking to do? For example, on my portfolio site I have the entire page fade in

You’re not thick! I’m here to assist you :slight_smile:

Although Interactions in Webflow can produce the same animations tht are shown on your example, you can’t use that to transition from an HTML page to another.

Transitionning between HTML page involves DOM rewriting. It’s a specific “code technique”. And I heard many times from devs that it’s not achievable with Webflow, even with a lot of external code. Can’t really explain why.

You could get the same effect by having all the pages in the same… page. But you won’t be able to rewrite the URL.

Sorry for being so lax in responding @vincent and @nwdsha - I’ve been busy actually doing paid work :slight_smile:
Love your site @nwdsha.

Well I guess it’s not the end of the world @vincent and I am playing with interactions much more.

Thank you Guys, I really do appreciate your help.

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You’re welcome @Roxzfr :slight_smile:

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