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White Space on the right side of the screen

Hi everyone.

Not sure if this should be posted here or on bugs so Mods, feel free to correct me if I posted on the wrong category.

There is a white space on the right side of the project when you publish it. The issue only occurs in Inspect Element in Google Chrome, Safari and Opera. I have read that setting a max width should fix it and sadly it did not.

Max width set is 1920.
Resolution on Mac is 3072x1920, browser is Opera
Resolution on Windows 10 is 1920x1080, browser is Google Chrome under inspect element (1920x766).
Do not have the resolution for the Safari browser.

Is this a known bug or can someone help me address the issue?

Thanks in advance.

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You have set the text “We’re building professional no code templates, assets, guides and even more.” to fixed, on all breakpoints. It needs to be responsive.

Will check this tomorrow, its kinda late here now.

Thank you for the suggestion. We just changed the container to address this issue.

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