White Space on Side of Website - Help!

Hi there,

On my portfolio pages; cheekytotsportfolio, tlrportfolio and logos - there is white space on the right that I can’t find anywhere! I looked at all my classes, no signs of what it could be. Here is a screenshot:

Please excuse my coding skills on this site, it’s my first site i’ve ever done :slight_smile: your help will be crucial to finish my website and thank you everyone for your time. Any other comments about the website will be superb too! Here is the live link: https://webflow.com/design/pinecone-draft-site?preview=b4a7a0edeb33dd13b93a7176e9e279b4


I don’t see the white space… Looks good to me.

You may need to see the actual page, doesn’t show in designer for some reason.

If you go here: http://www.thepinecone.co/cheeky-tots-portfolio

Then you scroll down, or to the right - it will reveal the evil white space.

Let me know!



I had this problem and it was because I had used a negative margin without turning off overflow. Check to see if you have a negative right margin somewhere and set the section or container that it is in ( not the object itself) for overflow to be turned off.


Hmm, strange thing this!
When I scroll down, the white space disappears with a nice easing effect… It might have something to do with what @angela mentions above… Check your sections.


I checked it…probably it’s your “stats row” sections because of the fade in from right column . Give that section a overflow:hidden.

Thats the one! I knew it wasn’t a physical object because I inspected it for almost an hour.

Thanks for the time looking into it! @angela and @rowan


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I know this post is old, but I had the same problem and found this – and forums are all about finding stuff that helps, so I add my (different) solution:

In my case “overflow hidden” cut off some elements that were overlapping the sections (that was intended), so I kept searching and found what caused the problem:

It was a DIV that had a fixed width that exceeded the viewport… so I just made it smaller and voilá :smile:

Thanks for this post!