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White space at bottom of site

There seems to be a white space at the bottom of my site, and I’m not sure where it came from. It looks like it is part of my site’s body, but the rest of my content (all nested within sections, plus a navbar), scrolls above where I would like it to stop (at the top of the viewport) and therefore leaves a white space at the bottom, which is visible in the designer, preview, and on the published site. Any ideas on how to get rid of it?

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Just create a div wrapper with the flex display property and put your bottom l and r divs there. No blank space afterwards.

That worked perfectly in the designer, but unfortunately the white space is still there on my published site. Any other ideas?

Can you do the fix and show the published page?

Here is a screenshot from my published site:

Oddly enough the white space is there when published to my custom domain, but not when published to my webflow subdomain.

You have a horizontal scroll because you have used the vw’s for the sections’ widths. Use % - this will make sure to take into consideration the vertical scrolls unlike vw units.

I’m not sure what horizontal scroll you mean, as I don’t see one. Nevertheless, I have changed my VWs to %s. White space still there though.

Someone need to confirm but I personally cannot see any white space after all the fixes, sorry. Will you tell which browser do you use?

Yes, I’m using Chrome. I can see know that when I open the site in Safari, the white space is gone. My friend says that when she opens the site on chrome she does not see a white space either. Maybe a bug that @webflow can take a look at?

On chrome and firefox quantum there are no white spaces or anything anymore so I guess that’s only on your machine. But at least you know it’s all good, eh?

Perhaps caching issues or something?

Yes, good to know it’s just me. Still want to find a fix if possible so I can make sure it doesn’t happen for others. Thank you for looking into it and for your help!

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