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How to remove whitespace at the bottom of my site?

How to remove whitespace at the bottom of my site?
I can see whitespace while I use Chrome
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I see it as well. It might have to to with your images not being big enough so it could fill the entire page. So it’s probably a image scaling issue. You’ve got all images at the same size since you want an even scaling, but I think they might be to small in order to have them filling up the whole view.

My 2c.

Does it show when the site is published? Webflow adds this white space in the designer for easier designing (I think) but is removed on published sites.

On the page without images whitespace still exist

I see that it’s the case on published website here too.

I’ve analyzed the code but I felt short finding a reason for that…

it has something to do with the positionning of the header and the margin on the body… you shouldn’t put margins on the body, ever. When you need to put margins on the body, it’s because you’ve messed up somewhere. Try to achieve the positionning of your header differently.

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I’d say change the class on your class .box-content-01, .box-content-02, and .box-content-03 to 100vh instead of the current 90vh.

That does the trick here:

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