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White space appeared on side of site

I logged in this morning to work on my site and found a large white strip running down the left side of my site. Yesterday when I logged off, there were no issues but it has appeared randomly today. It also appears on my other pages and in all of the previous versions. I have tried deleted each section one at a time to see where the problem is coming from but the white space still remains.

Any advice would be great as this has appeared on its own without me changing any settings.

I have the same problem and did the same thing. any help would be appreciated

looks like the editor has a bug. Have you guys tried publishing your site and seeing how it looks?

if the whitespace is not on the published page, its a problem with the webflow editor.
if it is still there, it might be a bigger issue.

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Thanks for catching this! We’ve found the issue and will be pushing a fix ASAP.

Ok guys, thank you for your patience!
The designer should be back to normal now… please reload your browser to see the new update.


Thanks for the fast update, everything appears to be back to normal!

yup everything is good! thank you!!!