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White line unexplicable

Hi guys!

I’m working on a school website that showcase the advantages of pursuing their courses. At some point of the page (triptyque with ecosystem regeneration, human odyssey and business revolution) I have a white line on the whole height. I cannot find the way to stopped this behavior.

Could you help me?

Thanks a lot and cheers from France

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - #21st By CentraleSupélec

Your Container 2 is overlaying. Change its background color to see what I mean.

Also default padding on columns
change from 10 to 0

Thanks for your answer.

This is what I want : that the green and the purple continues from the two blocks while having white spaces between columns. The solution that I came up with is two have two div in the background and to have a background in the container.

This is my prototype :

It is a bit tricky but I think I have the solution.
Adding padding left and right also adds padding to the bottom, even though we don’t want it.

My approach was to use a background colour on all the major DIV’s to see better what is going on.

I use images to show where I changed the settings.


Yay! It did works!

Unfortunetaly there’s now a grey gap between the upper section and the one below, but I add margins to the top and bottom so it looks like the gap was wanted in the first place ^^

Thanks a lot for your help @iDATUS

Good to hear.
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