Grey lines appearing

Hi there,

I don’t understand why I have grey lines appearing when I zoom in, I put a div block with a background image to make a better transition.

Can you help me remove these lines?

Thank you very much, sincerely

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Ludovic's Fabulous Site
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Hey Arnaud!

I took a peek at your site! If you set the background image to anchor at the top (as opposed to centered), it appears to fix the grey line issue.

I actually see the grey line above the image, unlike your screenshot which has it below.

If it’s still persistent below the block, you could try a negative margin (like -1%) to move it slightly below the edge of the .hero-header. (That black line is the .hero-header background colour peeking through the transparent dripping background image focused center.)

Let me know if this helps!