Different shaded color squares on Chrome

I’m using Google Chrome and it’s up to date.
Lately on Webflow, I’m seeing random shaded color squares on the designer window. e.g. a section is a flat color and yet slightly off-shaded boxes of that color are appearing within it. Is this an issue with Webflow or Chrome and is there a known fix? See attached examples.

Can anyone offer assistance with this??
Reinstalled Chrome and deleted all old cache data.
Disabled all extensions and still getting these different shaded random boxes appear.
This obviously only happens on the Webflow designer window??
Very annoying

Just in case it helps… I had the same issue and I fix it by changing in settings… Effects>Blending>Darken.

Another alternative that it worked is to apply color transparent to the div and adding a color background instead.

None of this makes sense to me but it works.

Screen Shot 2023-12-08 at 11.38.24 AM