White Border around site

Hey Forum :slight_smile:

Can somebody help me how to create the smartest white border around my site?
I want everything to happen inside, except for the logo, hamburger menu, language choice and social icons. I made an illustration of how I want it.

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Are you trying to have the white border showing for all the content on the site’s page, or just the header?

I want it to be constant, no matter where i scroll to the page :wink:

Oh okay,

I’ll do a quick video and post it here. You can follow steps :grin:

One min… Oh post your read only link… I’ll do it on your site…

Thank you so much! :wink: I don’t have a site yet.

Maybe something like this? http://jeppevinum.webflow.io/

Cloneable link:

I bet you can achieve this in many different ways :slight_smile:

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Oh gotcha… if you don’t have the free starter account it wouldn’t make much sense viewing a video. When you get your account up, shoot me an email and I’ll send ya one. Talk at ya later.

Hey :wink: Very nice!
But you have the same problem, as I have. I cant make it all the way around, so everything is masked in a box .

maybe like this

see preview here: http://masaratis-dandy-project.webflow.io/

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No :wink: I have the pro version, i just dont have a website with this design,
because i wanted to hear people out, if they knew the best solution.

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Thanks! I missed the border in the bottom. Now it is all the way around.

I’m working on a client site (can’t show it due to NDA), howevver, I added an equal 20px padding to the body of the page :slight_smile:

Thank you all :slight_smile:

My solution.
I made a padding to the body on 40px.
Afterwards i made a container called frame.
Within that frame made 4 divs:

  • top-block
  • buttom-block
  • right-block
  • left-block

I gave the top- and buttom-block a height on 40px, and the right- and left-block a width on 40px.
Furthermore I gave them a fixed position in either top, buttom, left or right, and put the z-index on 100, to secure they would always stay on top.

Best regards

No problem… that looks fine… I like it… holler if you need anything else… Have fun! :smile: