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I was looking though websites for some inspiration and I came I came across this one, which I really like . If you notice there is a black which surrounds the entire site, and I was wondering if this could be done in Webflow. I am guessing with an image which is placed in the body???

Create a SECTION - give it a class name
Place a DIV in side the SECTION - give the DIV a class name

Set DIV Properties

  • width 100%
  • height 500px
  • background color: #fff

Set SECTION Properties

  • background color: #000
  • margin: all 20px

See video:

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Hi @athina_tzan, I’m not 100% sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but I tried to make a demo showing how to add a border to a webpage (similar to the example you provided)

I apologize in advance if I’m way off :slight_smile:

Page Title: Webpage Border

Hope this helps!

My previous example used a margin.

This example uses a border.

You can also have a parent div (set to overflow:none) with say 20px padding on all sides. Then have 4 divs that are 20px wide with 100% height. This is just so you can replicate the effect it has at the start. You’ll have to get your interactions just right so it looks like one line going around the entire page.