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Whilst using Editor Mode - hide modal popul/div

Hey guys,

Here’s my preview link.

I’m needing to hide the main popup div (boarding pass) when the client uses the editor to add CMS content? I’ve added some javascript but it’s not working when the editor body class is active?

Any help would be appreciated.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

Hello @Cookie

How is that pop up suppose to work?

Because you can set the display setting to none and in the interactions panel create the interaction to show after a few seconds after the page has loaded.

Hey @aaronocampo :slight_smile:

The pop up is set to load on the first instance of someone viewing the page. A key is then generated for that user so that it only displays on the first instance (and then every 24 hours).

The pop up works fine, the only issue is that the pop up displays in editor mode preventing the client from adding content to the CMS.

I’ve disabled the editor collaboration within the designer, but the pop up cannot be hidden using the “close button”.

Alright, then you need to hide that pop entirely Display:none to let your client edit their content.

Then create an interaction that shows the hidden pop up when the page is loaded and you should be good to go.

Ah ok, thanks then. I’ll give it a shot.

Cheers @aaronocampo :wink:

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@aaronocampo so I have tried implementing a loader where it starts out as display:none and then uses an interaction on ‘page start loading’ to show it, however sometimes when I implement this on pages that have custom embed code the page will briefly reveal the loading page before the preloader overlay actually shows up. One way I have found to get around this is to set the class of the prelaoder to display: block within the custom site code so that when the page renders that is one of the first things to happen, and then I use an interaction to hide the preloader…however, while this fixes the first issue now the preloader blocks the editor view of the page content.

Wondering if there is a way to do custom code that sets the class of the preloader to display: none when the editor is in use?

PS…here is the page I built that you can see it reveal for a split second before the preloader displays…the page has a embedded Marketo form that is causing it, so maybe a solution so be focused on getting that embed to delay load?

Hey @cmoen89, I have the exact same issue, in my case it is a transition div. I manage to make it work so that it doesn’t reveal for a second before the page loads but now it blocks the editor. Were you able to fix this.