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Unable to click while in the Editor

There is a way to use the regular clicking while I’m in the Webflow editor? I tried pressing command, shift, etc. and nothing works. We just want to close a popup to be able to edit the rest of the site:

Hi @Orlando_Osorio!

The editor doesn’t run javascript to load the interactions.

You should set this modal popup as initial state: none and then open it when page is loading.

Eve Kayser

Thank you, but I need something more. I’m giving my clients the Editor, so, they are not able to do that. It should be a way the user can click and navigate the webpage and using the editor at the same time.

Hi @Orlando_Osorio, we can do a trick here.

Set the modal to static at the end of the page, and let’s use js to show it as position: fixed when the page load.
That way, you can use Editor in the page, without the modal at the top of it.


Code I use:
<script> document.getElementById('modal').style.position = 'fixed'; </script>

Just switch to the ID you want, or use the same :slightly_smiling_face:


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