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Editor Issues with custom javascript

I have quite a lot of custom javascript embedded into this website to help handle user management and checkout on the site. One of these scripts shows and hides a preloader div when the right elements have fully loaded on the page.

I want to give my client access to the editor so that they can edit the text on some of the pages and CMS items, but when I enter Editor mode, the preloader doesn’t hide itself, meaning that you cannot see the content underneath to edit.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to fix this? Thanks!

Here is my site Read-Only:

You can craft utility pages that only your client can access (because they’re not linked from any other pages). on those pages you can lay over CMS content that can be edited inline, you can also place there any kind of content that is difficult to access on regular pages, using symbols so the content is in sync.

Thank you for the workaround @vincent, is there no way to prevent the loader from showing in Editor mode? Because ideally, the client would be able to make very minor changes to the copy on the site whether it’s on the homepage or any other page, including CMS pages.

I have been playing with a fix using CSS like this:

.w-editor-publish-node .loadingScreen { display: none!important; }

but it doesn’t seem to help?

You have to make the preloader display none by default, in the designer, so in the absence of the script firing, it’s not going to be in the way. Adapt the script for that.

So sorry, I missed this. Thanks a lot!

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