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Where to host video for free that's compatible with Webflow's lightbox with high privacy control?

We are designing a website for our friend who wants to include a few videos using lightbox.

Problem is that he prefers that the videos cannot be searched, shared or downloaded. He only wants the video to be viewed on the site via lightbox and nowhere else. We tried Google Drive, but got an ‘invalid link’ when we input the share link in the lightbox settings. We also tried Youtube, but the video had to be a public link and the media player in the lightbox showed the Youtube user’s profile picture, video title - i.e. details that he wants to eliminate.

Vimeo’s cheapest paid plan seems to be an option given he wants to eliminate details (though presumably the video will still need to be made public). But as he’s just starting out, it would be nice if costs can be kept to a minimum.

Videos that he want to show are 30-second videos or less. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Ps. we don’t have to use the Webflow lightbox per se. But we want to create something like the lightbox, even if from scratch if we end up hosting the video from e.g. Google Drive etc. We don’t know how though :slight_smile:

Thank you!