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Where can I find the fancy previous version of Webflow's homepage?

Hi everone!

Apologies if this is the wrong category for this type of question, but:
I distinctly remember the all-black (or dark-grey), animation and interaction powerhouse of the previous Webflow homepage, that has since been replaced with the toned down, simpler current one.

As a design college student who was too lazy to get myself to learn to code, I have raved about Webflow to anything and anyone who walks around the campus. However, I cannot always show them the WYSWYG site designer, and have in the past seen jaws drop simply by showing them Webflow’s homepage.

I’d like to be able to elicit more jaw-drops, so is there a link or a template to the previous iteration of the Webflow homepage that I could reference?

Thanks and have a great day,

Check the Wayback machine at for here*/

Click on a year, then on a day then on a version, and find back the one you’re looking for.

You’re right though, Webflow makes so many jaw-dropping landing pages for their homepage and product page that I hope they’re conserved in some way and made accessible one day.

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This is really late for a reply, but thanks, this really helped! I didn’t realise I could use the Wayback Machine for this, neat.