Looking for a template I saw before but cant find now, can you help?

Google chrome history is next to useless, i cant find a template i saw back around feb/march this year cos Chrome history beyond 3 months is not detailed.

Also i showed the template to a friend at their house at the time. I phoned them today & they 100% remember it but also it is not in their Safari history either even though we 100% looked at it on their laptop…

Page description
Basically the page i can remember was filled completely with square tiles (like a webflow grid might achieve) … The tiles filled the entire page - so on a big iMac at full-screen, the tiles were big, perhaps 6 or 8 tiles across in each row, with the rows descending until the page was filled completely… maybe 5 or 6 rows deep, again, at fullscreen on a big iMac)

Each tile was entirely filled with an image of a persons face (a music artist? as far as i remember), but if i remember none of the faces were looking out straight at the front-view like a typical biog’ portrait shot… they were more like artistic shots with each face photographed at an ‘artistic’ angle.

Each face in each tile was pretty close up, anyways it was a persons face in each tile - possibly it could have been some people other than music artists like fashion models, not sure what though…

The tiles scaled however you sized the screen…

When you hovered over any of the tiles a small pop-up fast-faded in (i think in the bottom left corner of the tile) with ‘add to cart’ & also some of the tiles on-hover also displayed some other link besides ‘add-to-cart’… it might have been any external links for that person if they existed…

i cant find this template for the life of me, I spent 4 hours now searching!.. (sadly browsing webflow templates is not implemented well on the webflow site so you cant just browse them all searching one by one)

Does anyone recognise this template by my description? I really need it if i can find it! - yes i know i could build it from scratch, but there was something about that template that was really cool (cant remember what exactly)

Can you help? Have you seen this template or know what it is?


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Maybe try this: https://showcased.webflow.io/