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Where can I edit actual html/css code?

I’m trying to add a span with a class within a h4 tag. This would be easy if I could just edit the code itself.
For example:
<h4>headline <span class="test">content</span></h4>

Is that possible within the editor or, if not, where can I edit the actual code?

Totally Marc! We will working on an intuitive way to add inline text styles soon without having to code it. So it’s not possible with the editor YET. The only way to do this at the moment is to export and edit the code there.

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Thanks for the quick answer! Alright, then I will do it that way.

that will be awesome feature if added.

Unfortunately I can not use your servisos because there is no way to edit the html and css. To add a table, a list, I have to export the project and finish it on your local computer. And so I would be able to add the code and keep working. So still use divshot. Make the ability to edit html and css, and then he lists and tables!

@destyle25 Are those table and list elements the only things that you would need to edit the html/css for? What other custom code are you wanting to add? In other words if we add these elements what custom code do you see yourself adding?

I want to add not only tables and lists , but also a variety of effects to the elements of the site, for example here is a
Now I have a lot to do to maximize your site , and then prodozhaetsya vu work in Notepad. And so I would like to add your own code , and continued to work on your website. Why pay money if then most of the work I have to do in a notebook ?
That divshot I can make a website of any complexity fully with all elements and effects. The only negative is that the styles have to write by hand.
I need an editor html + css + js. I’m willing to pay 2-3 times more for it. You can make it as advanced features for special subscribers. But it is very necessary .

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Thanks for your feedback @destyle25!

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