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When is multi-language support coming?

I’m working on a website with multi-language. I tried to use Localize.js, but it’s not working well for me and also it added an ugly widget at the bottom of every page.

I found this thread, where @sabanna offers a solution the the tools from Webflow, but I don’t quite understand the instructions honestly.

Question to the Webflow staff, is there an approximate date to the release of this feature?


Hi @Dario

That’s a great question!

The multi-language feature is a popular feature on our wishlist. You can vote for it here:

You can also see there that it’s tagged with the label “In backlog” which means it’s being scoped but not under development yet. I wish I had a timeline for you but I don’t. You can, however, subscribe to get notifications about when this feature goes in development and when it’s planned and shipped.

You can also check the comments under that wishlist item for current workarounds.

​Hope this is helpful.

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