What's the deal with 10 dynamic lists per page?

I am curious about this as well. I am in the process of designing a one-page news type site and if I can only use 10 dynamic lists on the page that would be a no go for me to use webflow. I have about 15 categories which would consists of a dynamic list of links/articles for each.


I did not know about it , but I need it in the future . I would like to hear about this limitation and how to avoid it .


me too! anyone official with a statement please? :relaxed:

I can confirm that the 10 dynamic list limit is accurate. I built my news style page yesterday and ran into the issue. So now I have to manually update the homepage and just using the CMS for the category pages. Kinda sucks. Is there any plan to remove this limitation in the near future for those that want to build news/magazine style sites using the CMS?

@PixelGeek @cyberdave @thewonglv can anyone provide some insight about this issue? is this a known limitation? any plans to allow more dynamic lists per page? i really hate that i have to use this manual workaround. thanks in advance! love webflow so far in spite of this issue.

if it is helpful here is the site i am working on that would benefit from more dynamic lists: http://selfpubweekly.webflow.io/


Hi guys! Sorry for the current limitations. We limited it to 10 so that performance of the designer does not suffer. We’re working on some infrastructure improvements so that we can support more lists. It’s going to take a lot of work though.


ahhhh got it. thanks for the reply.

Good thing some of my collections can be merged together! :wink:

I’ll look forward to 10+ data lists soon!

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Hi Sergie. Just want to share something as well.

Working on a project for a client currently. It’s a shop, but not really. Just a shop for looking at products, not buying. He has product overview pages with categories shown on the page. I’ve created each category and inserted them as dynamic lists on the overview page. However, he has about 15 categories needed to show on the page. Unfortunately we are limited to only 10. We really hope you guys can find a solution on how to upgrade this.

In this specific case you made something wrong within your cms :).

You create a dynamic collection called “categories” and insert all categorie name within this collection as a new item.

Then you insert one! dynamic list on your page and it will display every categorie item within it. Currently you then can show up to 100 items (hope this limit will get fixed soon!) in one dynamic list.

So you dont need 10 separate dynamic lists to show all categorie elements.
Do you have a public link to your page so that we could take a look?

No I can’t do that.

I need the product overview like this:

Car stickers
Show products in this category

Window stickers
Show products in this category

Other stickers
Show products in this category


Dang, my apologies. Yeah I see what you mean.
Hm yeah I have no idea since you cant display the multi-reference item as a text ouput in one of your link items … maybe someone else has an idea but i think you ll need these separate lists :(. At least if your need to be all on one page as an overview.

+1 on this feature.

Would have been really nice to know this on some of your documentation before running into this limit :frowning:

The dynamic lists is the one element that Webflow sets itself apart from other CMS platforms at the moment and this 10 limit really hampers doing more complex and full featured sites at the moment… Am even OK with pretty severe performance issues as long as I can get the site up.

Due to additional technical and computational requirements to support this, we’re introducing a CMS hosting plan that will enable you guys to design a page with more than 10 dyn lists. Stay tuned!


That’s great news. Although sounds like it’s gonna cost me?


Awesome. But as always, I need it NOW! :wink:

Heres’ another example I’m working on; http://drugchat.webflow.io/drugs-overview
I need a collection for each letter of the alphabet, so that’s 26 collections on 1 overview page.

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Is this something coming anytime soon? I know product teams generally never give public timelines or estimates but, this (the 10 list limitation) is going to be a must have for me to bring clients over to webflow from wordpress/drupal/etc. So far my first client project in webflow has been met with too many limitations (multi-language limitations, 10 lists, no svg suppport, no background image editing, etc) I just can’t see anyone trusting webflow as is to bring over all clients to the CMS without at least this feature.


I am at my 10 collection MAX and ready for more!

Any word on a launch or is there some type of beta offering for those that need this feature?


Sorry I stand corrected. It is now 20? Without being able to filter "MULTI-REFERENCES, I have to use more dynamic lists, and thus capping my limit sooner than need be.

As you can see I manually have to filter each city. and add a State header for each dynamic list.
That’s not very useful CMS.


The limit of 20 dynamic lists is impeding our use of the Webflow CMS. Is it something the team plans to expand in the future - somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 or more?

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