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Another victim of the 20 dynamic lists per page limitation?

Unfortunately I think i’m the latest to fall victim to the Webflow imposed limitation of 20 dynamic lists per page. I have a collection for restaurant locations and I’m needing to display these locations on a page as shown in this image:

I’m having to hard code the state names and then use a filtered list underneath to display the locations relevant to each state. Also, within some of the states there are additional “areas” (i.e LA AREA or LONG ISLAND) that need to be include thus adding additional filtered lists within a state.

As you can see in the following image showing each dynamic list needed indicated in blue, i’ve quickly backed up to the 20 list limit imposed by Webflow.

From what I can tell by searching the forums, there doesn’t seem to be a way to create this type of listing using Webflow.

I’m hoping that i’m wrong and that some cleaver Webflow guru (or maybe a staff member) will be able to suggest a solution that i’m not thinking of so i can avoid an embarrassing conversation with my client.

Fingers Crossed*

For lists like this you can just make ordinary links and point them to the cms pages, no?

Why not use a map with links to load regions?