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More than 20 dynamic lists per page


I would like an increase in the number of dynamic lists per page (in my particular case 30 would be enough).

There are many reasons for this, please see the comments towards the end of this topic for more details:


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I also require more than 20. Honestly I need a lot more and I’m kind of disappointed this limit wasn’t made aware to me before I started.

Hi @moofawsaw – I was too! @thewonglv suggested an idea in this post that we could pay for more if needed, which while not ideal, would at least be a solution.

Hi @matt50, I’ll check out the post.

What I’m more interested in is knowing why the system limitation exists and getting a better understanding of how it works. Maybe Webflow can share this information with the community so we can all come up with a solution. There are some pretty smart people in here.