Webflow "Register New Application, what is "Redirect URI"?

Hi there,

I am trying to follow the “register new application” steps in Webflow.

There is a field Redirect URI that must be filled.

Any idea what it supposes to refer to? How it should look like?


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Same issue here. Found nothing about it… do you solve the problem in the meantime? Thanks

@AArea_Design_Agency -

Modern web app integration today is often done using OAuth2. If you look up OAuth2 auth flow, you’ll find a detailed explanation of how that handshaking occurs.

Loosely speaking, when you’re in App X and ask to connect it to your Webflow account, there’s an authentication process in which…

  • Webflow presents a login screen
  • User logs in as an authorized Webflow user
  • Webflow authenticates them, determines the access they want to give the requesting app, and then it generates and returns the appropriate access tokens
  • Webflow then redirect the user back to the original app, to e.g. a “Integration successful” page.

That’s what this redirect URI is for.