Stumped at difference between Live Site and Published Preview

So I’m completely stumped at what is happening here. If you look at the screenshot below - this particular section, the “our properties” section, it is displaying strangely compared to how it looks in the preview and the “published” site as well.

Any thoughts on how to fix this? I don’t know how to test it since it looks fine in webflow.


Should look like this:

Here is the live site URL:
Here is the preview URL:
And here is the share link:

That does seem like strange behaviour. I did some code inspection on the live site and didn’t find anything.
I would suggest using flex-box on the section. This will work nicely and solves the browser issue on the published site. Hope that helps.

Strange rendering issue going on and it confuses me why it happens on export and not within Webflow. You should be able to fix it, though, by adding float:left to your Link Block element.

I will try the float:left first. I appreciate the feedback.

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