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Link works in preview, not in published site

Hi there!

I’ve got an image in a link block (with a hover), and in preview the link works when I click anywhere on the image, but in published mode only the linked text works. I’ve done a hard refresh. What am I doing wrong???

Here’s my public link:

And here’s the published site:

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Woaw, the exported code can’t work as expected.

Could you redo your whole block from scratch? I don’t know how you end here but the published code has many links for this block. All the links contains, or wrap, nothing, except for the one for the text. It’s not normal. Either it’s a bug, either, you’ve manipulated this group of elements so much that Webflow is lost… or something I can’t think about. Wait for a webflow staff to tell you more.

I’d redo the block from scratch, it’s quick and will most likely work. Maybe avoid putting two links to begin with, put the link on the first link block, and don’t put another link block for the text.

Hope it helps.

Woohoo! Thanks, I just replace the text with non-link texted and it worked great.

Great :slight_smile: And watch the change in code:

You really found a way to make webflow lose it :smiley:

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