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What’s the status on multi language support in Webflow?

I have been using Webflow for five years now, and its been great! Sure, there’s a lot of small features I’m missing and “why haven’t they fixed that yet?!” frustrations, but all in all it’s been a great experience!

But the one thing that I’m really missing is multi language support! For me it’s starting to be such a hindrance for further growth with Webflow, that I for the first time is starting to consider “old” alternatives like Craft-CMS as an option for multilingual sites. Sure there is options like Weglot and Bablic, that is impressive “hacks” for platforms missing multi language support, but the user experience, especially for the client is not that great and there are still some SEO limitations. These solutions is emergency solutions because there is still no alternative in Webflow.

So, what’s happening Webflow? :heart:

not a priorityread it and weep

I’m officially in tears :sob:

Webflow is under the impression that the world stops at the US of A.

I suppose the majority of Webflows customers is US based, but the rest of the world should be a growing market!