What plan is required for a simple blog site?

I am new to Webflow and am considering it as a blog site platform but am curious what pricing is involved. I am wanting to post blog posts every few weeks and don’t really need much more than that beyond a custom domain, which I can get with a Wordpress site but want the convenience of no-code. What plan is required for this?

hi @elpdev before you will choose platform you should read pricing for WF site plan first. To have simple blog you will pay to WF $16/month (with lots of limitations) for hosting your page but with your frequency of posts you should be fine for some time.

On other site with WP it can be as low as $3.50/month with no limitations of collection items (database records), but its up to you. One more note all no code platforms will require coding knowledge get most from no-code platforms. Before you will decide what platform to use spend a few days here on forum and read request from users what problems they facing with using WF for blog. When you will be fine with these ad they wouldn’t limiting you, go for WF.


Thanks, @Stan. I’m actually fairly comfortable with code; I’m just wanting to find a platform that helps me save time. I’m an active Bubble user with a live site there (Blog - eLearner Plus) but have heard that Webflow’s SEO might be better, so I was curious. To confirm, you’re saying I HAVE to go with a heavily limited $$$ plan for a blog?

hi @elpdev WF was not primarily build as blogging platform but platform for simple marketing landing pages. When you are comfortable with coding that is big advantage. All I’m saying is just read forum to find if WF is right tool for you.

For a simple blog, Webflow CMS is great and miles ahead of bubble.

You don’t need any kind of coding knowledge and considering your posting frequency, Webflow’s limits on the database shouldn’t be a problem for the next 100+ years.

If you are concerned about the costs and CMS limitations, you can design the blog in Webflow and convert it (https://www.udesly.com/) to Netlify CMS (free to host and more powerful).

For a simple blog like yours I wouldn’t consider any other option.

I’d like to point out that if you are looking for a pure no-code solution you are going to be wildly disappointed with webflow’s styling capabilities when it comes to styling posts. Unless you want to use finsweet’s sweet text which requires using some coding (albeit quite simple), you are going to start banging your head against the wall when you realize you can’t underline anything or center anything or change the color of anything. There is also still the issue of when you copy and paste from another source random pairs of words get spaces removed so you need to deal with that, too.

Seriously, test it out first before you commit because I can tell you from experience blog posting in general with webflow is extremely frustrating.

Base Webflow is seriously one of the worst blog alternatives out there. Great for styling your blog front or articles, absolutely horrible for actually writing blog posts, desking your front or doing anything needed to actually run it.

You’re waaay better off with the basic Wordpress template.

I say this as someone who runs a medium to large site with 5-10 articles written every day. It’s a nightmare. Webflow is not suited for this, and we’re migrating away from it asap.


I do not recommend the platform for blogging for a variety of reasons. I was going to unleash a rant but will hold that back for now. :slight_smile: